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Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers

This page is about me as an artist. If you want to read about me as a professional photographer please go here.

The Man Behind It All

My whole life is art.
Everything I do shall be considered as art.

I don't take this statement lightly. It is a commitment to live a conscious life, probing the limits and outer bounds and return with news to be communicated.

On April 28, 2002 after 10 years being distracted by the numbness of the real world, I have decided to document my life / art again.
I had never ceased to be an artist.
I was just a little constipated.

I am an artist and if I am lucky that will get me laid as well.
Artists get laid much more often than for example accountants.
My friend Dick puts it like this:
"Art" is a great justification, giving higher meaning and value to "just playing around and having fun". Right? You're not just being a silly dimwit, you're an ARTIST.

I manifest my carefree disposition in the form of notes, artworks and other vehicles of expression, consciously and continuously. The concept dictates which particular person or higher authority I want to communicate with and that in turn dictates me my choice of medium.
All of these statements, in various media, are collected and documented on my website.
The website is my "Gesamtkunstwerk" a syntheses of the arts, my all encompassing, slightly ridiculing classifier, a constantly evolving, mutating, living work of art.

Now and then I take a snapshot, a segment out of the ongoing process and present that in a different form of communication, depending on whom I want to reach. Those are havens of thought, tranquility and laughter, like for example shows in art galleries or the website's cousin, The Shy Stick Insect Hunter Magazine, the website you can bring to the bathroom and read it there.

My bio-data time line

My bio-data in words

List of exhibitions

What people say about me

and don't forget
to have fun



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