Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers

1964 Born in Munich, Germany
1976 Started to listen to rock music
1978 Took first acid trip
1980 Started to drink beer on a regular basis
1982 Became a teenage pop star
1984 Graduated to some degree
1986 Left Germany and traveled through 13 Asian countries for 18 months
1988 Öme, one man show at Art Heritage, Manila RP, Sponsored by the Goethe Institute

1990 Founded handicraft export company

Worked as a professional fashion model and joined lots of group shows

1992 Became designer and art director for Leo Burnett, Manila
1994 Formed sales display design and production company
1998 Formed Wazzap.net webdesign studio

2002 April 28. Decided to become an artist again


1965 - 75 Playing



1977 Smoked first joint
1979 Got laid for the first time
1981 Hitchhiked first time alone around Corsica for six weeks
1983 And got laid a lot

1985 Got drafted, pushed dead and half dead people through a hospital

Published cartoons in leading German newspapers

Mobile Japonicae, first one man show at P1 haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

Second one man show at GI Gallery Munich, Germany

1987 Settled in the Philippines

1989 First re-incarnation of the Reincarnated Swan

1991 Dance stage design, Enrico Labayen's lab project

Face Value and the Reincarnated Swan, two one man shows, Brix Gallery, Manila, RP

1993 Designer and art director for Leo Burnett, Manila
1995 Formed Ponte Asia Design Group
1997 Formed Wazzap Cards, first Freecard company in Asia
2001 Formed Ponte Asia Design Hong Kong

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