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The Art of Andy Maluche, the aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter

On April 28, 2002 after 10 years in the numbness of the real world, I have decided to become an artist again.
Since then I have realized that I have never really ceased to be an artist.
I was just a little constipated.

So now I am an artist.
Or, as my friend Dick would put it:
"Art" is a great justification, giving higher meaning and value to "just playing around and having fun". Right? You're not just being a silly dimwit, you're an ARTIST.
And I couldn't have said it better.

If I don't party my butt off in some part of the world, I spent most of my time manifesting my carefree disposition in the form of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and photographs.
In order to keep up with today's accelerated lifestyles and shortened attention span, I decided to document my artworks in real time. And not to waste a lot of time on the process of documenting, time that I could use to create, I chose to make the documentation of my art, my art as well.
Since art is already the documentation of a concept, my art, somehow is the documentation of the documentation. (some day, I'll figure it out)

To unify all the different media I work on and so that I can reach people in real time I created a website. That website is now my "Gesamtkunstwerk" a syntheses of the arts, my all encompassing, slightly ridiculing classifier.
It is also a blog, an artist's diary where I post my daily thoughts, desires, fantasies, doodles, artworks and stories, in short, a documentation of my life.

But not everybody has a computer and even fewer people are using one to look up art on the Internet.
Therefore I created a magazine, the website you can bring to the bathroom and read it there.
As it turned out a magazine is a great vehicle to convey art to people. Nobody can resist a magazine and especially not if it has the face on the cover from the guy who just gave it to you.
My magazine is my artwork, a one-time only edition and not for sale. I only give to friends, to interesting and relevant people.

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