Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers

My whole life is art.
Everything I do shall be considered as art.
My notes, statements and artworks are the documentation of this process.
A show in a gallery or on an event is a slice, a segment cut out of the whole, a snapshot of the ongoing process., The continuous documentation of the complete process is this website and it's cousin, which you can bring to the bathroom and read it there - The Shy Stick Insect Hunter Magazine.
And just like a bathroom, a gallery provides you with leisure and attentiveness to indulge.
People come with the intention to experience art which allows me to communicate with them on a deeper level as opposed to competing with daily, stressful distractions. To let people experience art you have to create havens of laughter, thought and tranquility for them.

Here are some of those havens I have created. This list features only major events where my art was the main focus. I participate as well in numerous events as a collaborator of bigger groups which I don't mention here:

2005, October- ongoing - Painterly
An exhibition of my latest paintings. Except a few which I have shown before at my Seriously Now, the paintings are all on exhibit for the first time. Basement Salon, Power Plant Manila,

2005, October - Kids
Photo exhibition of children at the EIS, European International School Manila.

2005, May - Poly Creativists
At Magnet Gallery Paseo Center.
Read a review here

2004, December - ongoing - Portraits
Basement Salon, Power Plant Manila,
As the title says, a series of portraits.

2004, November- ongoing Stories
Elastic Creative, SOMA, San Francisco
The artworks shown were basically the same I exhibited at Peligro simultaneously an the other side of the world.

2004, September - FART
Peligro , Makati City, M. Manila
A series of photographs showing the dynamic of a generation.

2004, August - Strictly Fashionable
An art/photo exhibition at Art Statements located at 5 Mee Lun St., Central (along Hollywood Road)
As both, an artist and a lifestyle and fashion photographer, I am exploring the similarities and conflicts of art and fashion.

2004, February - Seriously Now, multi media exhibition at Pinto Gallery, Antipolo Manila, Philippines.

2004, January - The Aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter Magazine launch and exhibition at Penguin Cafe, Manila, Philippines. Multimedia - magazine, photography projection and large paintings.

2003, March - Exhibition of photographs of musicians at Kidd Creole Blues and Jazz Bar, Manila, Philippines.

2003, February - German Club Manila, Philippines. A slice of my life. A collection of all artworks I created and posted on my website between January 23. 03 to February 27. 03

2002, November - Launch of the Shy Stick Insect Hunter Website

2002 - 1992 - A short break from the documentation process.

1991 - Two simultaneous one man shows at Brix Gallery, Manila Philippines
Face Value and The House Of The Reincarnated Swan.

1988 - Öme
A one man show at the Art Heritage Manila, Philippines sponsored by the Goethe Institute.

1985 - A follow-up show at the GI Gallery in Munich, Germany featuring sketches and unpublished works of : Mobile Japonicae.

1985 - Mobile Japonicae.
At the P1 Club in Munich, Germany.


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