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Ultimately I will post here a collection of all the numerous press releases and newspaper articles about me.
At the moment I don't have anybody to do the dirty work of scanning and typing it all in.

In the meantime I will post the only thing I had already digitized :

An Article About Me In Malaya Newspaper By SANDRA DIEZ

My whole life is art because every thing I do, I do consciously, thus says Andy Maluche. He adds that life should be loads of fun as well. This Pinoy born in Germany has been roaming around Asia for the last 18 years, 10 of which he spent immersed in the comforts of the real world, in some kind of hiatus from the art world. But in 2002, Andy again resumed work as a full time artist. He mounted nine solo shows in Hong Kong, San Francisco and Manila. He also writes and takes photographs for several local and international magazines and newspapers. Starting tomorrow until May 16, Andy pays witty homage to the multiplicity of art and its conveyors in"Polycreationists," his first solo exhibition at Mag:net Gallery Paseo de Roxas, Makatifrom. The show is curated by conceptual artist Nilo Ilarde. Andy considers himself a "poly creationist" which he says is basically a fancier term for multi-media artist. To express his thoughts, he does ink drawings, sculpture, large-scale acrylic paintings and photography. In "Polycreationists", Andy celebrates the multiplicity of contemporary individuals and media through an entire collage wall of large-scale colored photographs. The gallery's white-washed walls are populated with an array of approximately 20 photographs (the largest of which measures 6 x 4 feet) representing various "polycreationists" captured by his lens during his travels from San Francisco to Hong Kong and Manila. This celebration of individual creative energies is seen in the way Any frames his subjects: centered, vivid, constantly in flux. This choice of mode and subjects can also be traced to the fact that he is also currently preoccupied as a lifestyle/fashion photographer, producing regular articles, photo-columns and images for local and international magazines and newspapers. Such a position enables him to "explore the similarities and conflicts" prevailing in the borders of art and fashion. Maluche, however, adds his own dose of meaning to the concept of "polycreationists", also using it to refer to the fact that he himself utilizes "a lot of different media to express his thoughts", such as ink drawings, sculpture, large-scale acrylic paintings And photography. He also uses the term to allude to the fact that he distributes these individual artworks and spurts of creativity using various contemporary channels, such as the world-wide accessibility of the internet and the no-holds-barred genre of independent publishing. Thus, while the entire collage installation becomes a room-sized representation of others, Maluche also adds a tangential reference to polycreationism as part of his identity in a self-portrait hung in the central display area of the gallery. Andy's first solo exhibition of paintings in 1988, entitled "Ome", was sponsored by the Geothe Institute at the Heritage Art Center in Manila, followed by two simultaneous shows in 1991 at the Brix Gallery entitled "Face Value" and "The House of the Reincarnated Swan". Also available for viewing is his self-produced magazine and online exhibition entitled in his website : "The Aggressively Shy Stick Insect Hunter" (http://dont-touch-my.com)

Andy Maluche’s art in diverse media – from sculpture, painting, cartoon, photography, writing, design, cyberspace and perhaps, masturbation --- speak of a colorful world that addresses social issues in a language that is accessible to everyone: humor. His forms are usually bold, rounded, bright and cheerful creatures (not unlike their creator – Andy, who is also bold, rounded, bright and cheerful ) seen in theatrical poses amidst common everyday situations.

His art-in-progress, daily images on the web, reflections of his various artistic concerns, editorializes and philosophizes life seen from the mind of a humorist. Maluche is one of a number of contemporary artists who use humor to convey ideas about the world and the human condition that may fall under the artistic idiom of Social Realism, a figurative representation of issues relating to the common people and to social concerns.

Like its predecessors -- public art such as murals, these works address the public rather than the art world elite. It is accessible like the street – this time we simply click on the computer.

Rachel Mayo

Andy u r the ultimate artist. u don't only create stuff. u create great momentum, moments which r absolutely un4getable. thanks.
( Sophie Rodriguez )

I think you're full of SHIT, and I've been dying to tell you that for some time now, but I haven't found the right moment till now.
( Richard “Dickstock” Jones )

I must say, you are one strange, demented individual. And I mean that in the best possible way. :-)
Obviously, you have no hang-ups whatsoever about acting your age; in fact, immaturity may be your best asset. Go for it -- there are far too many adults in this world!
( Katrina Lagman )

I went to your web site also.
I read and looked for about 10 minutes then I got bored and moved on.
( Robert Clark )

Thank you soo much!
DEEP!! hhhwhahahah!
( Fucko )

You're really wacky!!
( Waling Waling G. Ebro )

Andy, you got to stop this
I nearly shit myself
( Gorden Cohen )

U made my day. As if I was reading these stupid gary larson's humour books.
I’m really disturb of that weird swan thing.
( Ricky Sison )

I don't think you're going crazy.
I think you need to go to an AA meeting asap heh heh
( Ramon Zialcita )

Been looking at your work more carefully and I must confess. . .
I LOVE IT!!! I am usually not so complimentary. The photos are very distinctive and full of energy.
Your paintings are also wonderful, so playful.
( Tsi Wang )

I greet and bow to thee, grand MASTER of creative party/concert photography!
( Lamma Gung )

Your artworks tell you're such a happy person and you still have such child at heart.
( Amber Wong )

It's an honor, however dubious, to be linked from your site. I've been perplexed about how to tap into the high-quality demographic of walking stick afficionados, and this is indeed an answer to my prayers.
( Tom from radioio.com 70s )

Great! This is the ultimate ---
why hint at greatness if you can give it to them in a blow?
( Rachel Mayo )

Auf dieser WebSite ist ausschliesslich dummes Zeug zu finden. Einfach genial. Besser gehts nicht. Ein echtes Meisterwerk an Spass, Spannung und auch Abenteuer, besser geht´s nicht.
( Christian “Highpressure” Zoller )

Art is solemn and grand, lofty and grave... well, not quite. The works of Andee Maluche will see to that. In this show of paintings and sculptures (among others), German-born Maluche injects lightness, humor and spunk into an unorthodox art practice that dwells side-by-side contemporary life. An erstwhile pop star, model, entrepreneur, graphic artist, the prolific artist Maluche turns jokes and wisecracks onto canvas and marble, giving traditional media another dimension of artistic possibilities.

Maluche's pieces poke fun on the antics of ego, manic obsession, annoyance, sunshine-happiness, mid-life crisis, transsexuality - virtually a list of all the things we encounter at the enlightening impulse of the first empty beer can, that is, every day neuroses. By giving these things acknowledgement in art, the artist brings their existence to a closer inspection, or yet move the viewer to dunk another beer can.

If things are still unclear, check the artist's mag, The Shy Stick Insect Hunter.
(Tony Leaño of Pinto Art Gallery)

The (Shy) Stick Insect Hunter
Art as Magazine

It is obnoxious, self-centered, self-confident, self-indulgent, self-satisfactory, self-seeking, dirty and shameless. It‚s all about the magnificent Self of an artist out to get attention in a loud and amusing way.

Andreas Maluche, better known as Andy Maluche has invested his genius and money to indulge in one of the most ambitious self-promotion ever launched by someone out to get clients. It is about Maluche and by Maluche.

Born and art educated in Munich, Germany, Andy Maluche, now 40, has been living and working in the Philippines since 1987. He has had numerous art exhibitions here of paintings and sculpture better known for their wit and humor.

The magazine called, "The (Shy) Stick Insect Hunter, the website you can bring to the bathroom" is actually a large format magazine (about 12" X 18") of 40 pages that showcases all of the artist‚s indulgences including art: painting, printmaking, sculpture, pottery, photography, writing fiction, travel and humor, and cartooning --- mostly laced with bathroom humor and obsessively absorbed with masturbation, not to mention sex, drugs and rock n‚ roll. It is actually an offshoot from his existing website (http/don‚t-touch-my.com) so that others, who have no access to the internet can have the pleasure or displeasure of finding out who this wacko is.

The cover is a grinning Maluche with a blown-up condom over his head. On the inside front cover is a naked butt of Maluche facing his bathroom mirror and at the back cover is a passed out Maluche, a beer in hand and piss all over his shorts with a gold-plated inscription below that says: "Complete submission, absolute devotion and limitless admiration, can only be accepted during worship hours"

This page also contains comments by friends and strangers who have seen Maluche‚s work on the internet. Anyone who sees the magazine have a thing or two to say about it, positive or otherwise. Comments are varied and a lot of local artists find Maluche‚s self-indulgent excesses too outright egoistic for their taste.

But one thing for sure, one cannot ignore this loud and bold endeavor.

The magazine however is the artist‚s way of using the print medium as another outlet for his art. Aside from it serving as a portfolio (where a brief and funny biodata is printed on the inside back cover), the magazine is actually a social realist comment on the values of post modern life using the technique of humor. It may also be considered a kind of interactive art that seeks to challenge people‚s sense of inhibition which often elicit in them a strong reaction. In the words of the artist: "I, Andy Maluche, thereby declare that hence and hither, everything I do shall be considered art".

The ability to produce humor requires extraordinary sensitivity to human nature. Maluche is a keen observer of human behavior and a veritable seeker of knowledge. During his rounds of bars and happenings, the artist is often seen with a digital camera and a pencil, recording faces and laughter, comments, observations and ideas that he finds pertinent to his own wit and humor. From these vast storehouse of data, he is able to produce art, philosophy and social commentaries, all in the style of a humorist.

The magazine, The (Shy) Stick Insect Hunter contains a number of subject matters that reflect the artist‚s many concerns and interests. He pokes fun at cults such as in, "Kackeverdrucken" where a self-styled high priest guides followers on how to achieve the high pressure of inhibiting one‚s fart. Or a parody on artists, "The 14 Commandments of How to Become an Artist", depicting the many ways artists often resort to in order to gain fame without having to work on their art, or the shortcut to artistic fame.

There is also the serious side to the artist such as his gallery of travel photos and the "Mummies", a series of prints and drawings showing horizontal lines that produces volume and mass to depict the human form in various poses.

Another showcase of the artist‚s visual artistry are his figurative paintings called, Ome. Colorful and expressive, the paintings depict a balloon-like figure wrapped in various twisted posesİactually created in the combination of cartooning and abstract expressionism.

Humor is a form of entertainment and a form of human communication intended to make people laugh and feel happy.

It often relies on a context, and someone not understanding the context will usually not understand the humor. In Maluche‚s work, he has applied various forms of humor such as irony, the play of words such as puns, one-liners or wit, ridiculous gestures bordering on the slapstick, self-inflicted embarrassing situations, and other techniques that often make commentaries on ideas, art, philosophy and human frailty.

Often humor elicits a "physiological" response to its audience.

The goal is to get the audience to react through their instincts and emotions. The use of humor in art can be traced to the Renaissance period.

The quality of Maluche‚s art is its ability to combine the serious and the mundane, the ability to make fun of human frailty, including his.

Maluche‚s endeavor has been considered controversial in terms of respect for what he has produced. Some see the art, others only find the ego bursting with enthusiasm. No matter how you may feel about The (Shy) Stick Insect Hunter, one thing is for sure, that trip to the bathroom would be truly worth it, if you have a copy. * * *

( Rachel Mayo - The Manila Times - August 1, 2004 )

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