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From: Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll
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Slowly aging rock star loses sex drive

Andee M. a big Rock 'n Roll idol in the early 80s, realized after going sober for the first time in 27 years, that his sex drive was apparently mostly drug and alcohol induced.

Andee, who nowadays spends his evenings doing jigsaw puzzles and listening to the newest Eric Clapton CDs apparently doesn't miss his sex drive a lot.

"Man, for all these years I thought those chicks are really hot. But now, I mean those babes are like....women."
Today Andee who was once known as Randy Andee doesn't even want to go into a bar anymore.
"I don't know what to say to those ladies. It's like I'm shy or something.”

"Once you are sober for a while it's not so bad.
Actually it is kinda cool.
It is like you moved in a small village and all of a sudden you have to interact with people."

Once famous for his excessive sex orgies with numerous groupies he instead spends a lot of time trying to learn the ukulele and tend to his orchid collection.
"Occasionally I try to masturbate a little but then I can't think of anything to get me hot and I let go."

Later this year Tom and some other former band members invited him to a reunion concert in Bangkok and go really wild but Andee couldn't be bothered.
"There is all those emails I have to answer and if I don't prune the roses soon they won't flower next year.
And of course there are my pottery classes."

Andee at the climax of his career



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