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December 22, 2002

For every conviction
there has to be doubt

Doubt is creativity.
If there is doubt, then there must be an alternative.
By doubting you automatically create an alternative.
The urge to find an alternative is what makes an artist or a scientist.
The documentation of doubt is art.
As an artist you should doubt everything, even truth.
Don't try to find the truth.
What are you going to do with it once you found it?
Find security in doubt.
Art doesn't make sense.
So you have to do it fast before you realize that.
Before the ugly doubt beast starts gnawing at your insides.
That is the other doubt --- the destructive kind ---

There are only subjective perceptions of the past
and certainly no predictable future.
There is only now
and even that is doubtful.

It is not that I doubt
what you are saying
I just don't believe you.

8" x 10", 2002, ink on paper (available)



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