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Joey Ayala's new website

Joey Ayala is one of the most original and progressive Filipino musician and poet.
If you are Filipino I don't have to tell you anything more, you know Joey. Everybody else, whenever you have a chance you should watch him in concert.
A very sophisticated entertainer, Joey turns every show into a special event. Check his concert schedule, prose and everything Joey on his new website..

Lamma, an island just south of Hong Kong island is my second home.
I have a lot of friends there and I keep myself updated through this great site, maintained and organized by Lamma Gung and the Web Dog.
Sign up to Lamma Gung's funny and well done e-zine.

The official Lamma Island website:

There is a very interesting new website called Tribes.net .

What is Tribe.net?

It happens every day. Somebody knows somebody who knows somebody and, suddenly, whatever needed getting done gets done. Tribe.net is quickly bringing this phenomenon to the Internet.

A person joins, invites friends to join, who then invite their friends. Groups of friends come together to form tribes. Everyone here has been invited, approved, and recommended.

My website is about art and humor.
The best form of humor is the one about oneself.
But this is also a weblog which depends on links to other sites and blogs and so I take the opportunity to link to great websites which feature things I don't do (at the moment), like for example political cartoons.

One of those is the site of Mark Fiore a San Francisco based cartoonist and animator.
Last year I had an art exhibition in San Francisco and coincidentally it was in the same building where Mark has his office in. Mark is a real nice guy.

Looks like my kinda website.

I can't download music from the internet fast enough before I get tired listen to it.
My solution : Internet radio.
There is a radio station for every taste.
My all time favored station at the moment is : Radioio.com 70s.

Here is the weblog of my best buddy Dick Jones, DickStock Digressions

Every artist, aspiring or established ,should read this collection of :
Articles for Artists on Alan Bamberger's great website :

Basically it is a list of very "common sense" business practices which are very useful in any kind of business.
It is good to know the grid before you screw around with it.
Watch out though, it might make so much sense to you that it could influence the way you create, which it shouldn't.
It should influence the way you present yourself and your art.

Articles and content copyright Alan Bamberger 1998-2003. All rights reserved.

Check out this wonderful site of Monkey Prime :
Ten Thousand Monkeys
There are 85 different and very cool writers, poets and artists.

Ron Gluckman, an old friend of mine from Hong Kong who travels the world and writes great stories about his trips on his website



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