Species # 12

Frank Hennamann :
Winged form of species # 2
Parahyrtacus gorkomi
Nicolas: Rhamphosipyloidea brevipennis Paul Brock: Sipyloidea philippa (Stal)

Size male: 7 cm without legs
Size female: 11 cm without legs
Size eggs: 2.5 mm
Origin : Bobon, Northern Samar, Philippines
Food plants: Guava and basically anything else
Time Incubation: ?
Time nymphs: ?
Time adult: ?
Comments Those are the ones I saw at my friends place.
According to him they are very common in the Philippines.
I was able to take about 20, but I stopped taking males which a far more numerous.
They look absolutely identical to species # 2
except they have wings
See comparison
Even the eggs look identical
I found them in the airy zone between the jungle
and the beach.
The area seemed to be more important then the food plant.
I am looking forward for someone who knows
to compare those two and find out what the story is.
No details for taxonomy here yet.

adult female. Can you see the nylon kind of substance they secrete? Species # 2 and Species #11 does that as well

adult male


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