Species # 13

Size male: 9 to 10 cm without legs
Size female: 13 to 14 cm without legs
Size eggs: 3 mm
Origin : Bobon, Northern Samar, Philippines, sealevel
Food plants: Guava and basically anything else
Time Incubation: about 3 months
Time nymphs: also about 3 months
Time adult: also about 3 months
Comments I found those in new growth jungle and in the area between the jungle and the beach. At some places they were so numerous, that I had to stop myself collecting them.
On one small bush we found 11 specimen.
Curiously they were absent in other places
under similar conditions.
As you can see on the pictures they are gorgeous.
I have about 34 of them.
One female I found was covered with mold.
I kept it separately and released it later on, but not after it laid 6 eggs.
They are laying a lot of eggs.
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adult female with nymph

adult female

adult male

adult male


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