Species #3 Paul Brock has identified it as
PSG 89 Sosibia parvipennis

Size male: 5.5 cm without legs
Size female: 8 cm without legs
Size eggs: less then 1 mm
Origin : Mindoro Island, Philippines
Food plants: Guava, Syzygium, Hypericum, Privet, sometimes bramble
Time Incubation: 21 days
Time nymphs: 50 days
Time adult: At least 60 days
Comments This species is very prolific.
Each female lays about 4 to 8 eggs a day
They are constantly mating

The males are performing a funny dance when threatened
They run back and forth and in between flip themselves thru the air. Nymphs keep on disappearing for some reason.
May be because of the heat, many adults die.

Kristien in Belgium is very successfully culturing them.
It is impossible to get rid of them.

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only partially finished

And another female nymph

An adult female

An adult female with a different coloring

An adult male

An adult male

mating couple


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