Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers

Every time I go out for some blues, beer and billiards, I note down thoughts that hit me between the 4th and the 7th beer.

The next morning I usually find small pieces of yellow pad or crumpled napkins in the back pockets of my jeans. Then begins the tedious task of trying to figure out what they’re supposed to mean.

Many are almost unreadable therefore I started using subtitles but being able to decipher them doesn't guarantee that they make any sense.

These are words of wisdom which usually sound a lot deeper when I conceive them later on when I am sober.

Disclaimer: Some of these words of wisdom might have been partially conceived or inspired by my friends, Dick, Bob, Tom, Gordon and Henry. (or blatantly ripped of as they claim)

So here they are, have fun.


A lot of good ideas get lost because of a blunt pencil.
(or because I forgot to get the piece of paper out of my jeans before it got put in the laundry)

What we have to establish here is who is the fucker and who is the fuckee?
I for my part see myself as a fuckeur.

Actually, it was just a minor problem which I chose to elevate to something well worth getting really mad about.

The fear of potential
provides a massive work force.

I rejoined the creative world after a 10-year vacation in a place where it hurts the least - numbly submerged in the real world.

You know you have a problem if you are ready to sell out and
nobody wants to pay anything.

I wanted to take pictures of my paintings.
Only parts of them closely cropped so you can see the details.
Then I realized it's just like painting abstract.

As if you are not always serious!

Art is information.

Someone's intelligence can be measured by how far he can distance himself from the conservative asshole within him.

Are you asking
or are you justifying?

What's so great about a guy who's doing some craft perfectly nice.
If you have worked 20 years on the same stupid thing over and over, you better be damned good at it.
Guys like that don't get laid much.

To be able to enjoy first class there has to be a second and a third class.
Wealth is relative. The ratio is the fun.
But if the ratio is getting too big, it gets embarrassing.
That's when you gotta split and go to the next level away from the embarrassment, like for example the business class lounge.

You have to be consistent for a long enough period in order that people can understand.
You might discover that being consistent for a while can actually work in your favor.
Then again, consistency might be something totally old-fashioned.

You kow-tow to people who, as you believe have so much more experience in the way they deliver their bullshit.

It's either to teach, to be taught, or to keep it to yourself.
Keeping to yourself is not really fun.
It makes you weird.
Teaching is a pain in the ass.
The only thing left is to be taught.

Am I just scared of the potential of art or is it really boring and egocentric bullshit?

Once you have seen art naked in it's raw stage, every attempt to publish
or translate it becomes almost pathetic.

All we know we can trace to a limited number of media to which we subscribe to like for example Oprah and/ or your local paper.

A lot of people subscribe exclusively to the bible and live by it.
There is no ultimate truth.
There are only opinions and interpretations.
How can you insist on an idea or a principle?
Insist that things are suppose to be in a certain way?

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