Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers
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Americans are the people who left all the bullshit, so that they could create their own brand of bullshit.
But at least it is their own and they own the copyright to it.
The rest of the world now wants some American bullshit as well.

Humor is an effective tool to expose wrong and ridiculing people to the point they hopefully start to think.

Hospitality should be offered with honor and gratitude.
Without an ulterior motive

There is nothing new in art.
Everything has been done before.
The trick is to combine the right old things
at the right moment.

I can't believe anything with all my heart because
tomorrow I will possibly find something better.

If you can get it up and you can get it down
it is safe to assume that there are people who can't.

Some artworks arise from an emotion.
An emotion everybody had before.
Or even better, a sensation.
Then it has to be packaged well, presented in a form that translates that emotion well to the public.

An artist is a lifelong student and his works are his examinations.

I'd like to live for 300 years
just so I could watch an oak tree grow.
I might do some watercolors on the side though.

The good thing about commission work is
that I finish a thousand things by avoiding to work on the
commissioned work.

When during a discussion somebody shares your opinion,
I start arguing against it.
Having to find arguments against your own strengthens your position and it is also a lot of fun.

There is one thing I don't know
and I don't know what that is.

You want more?
You want to have everything?
You can't have it all.
Everything is infinite.
You can have more or less,
but compared to everything
it doesn't make a difference.

In the village
everything is forbidden
everybody does it
everybody knows about it
nobody shows it.

No sketching
I won't let reality spoil my fantasy.

I hope when I am 80
I will read these notes and laugh
about how stupid I was then.

I was lonely because I missed meaningful conversations.
Then I realized I was just being lazy.
I wanted to get told instead of experiencing myself.
I wanted to be listened to instead of expressing myself through art.

My whole concern in life is to make a good fossil.

It's like having sex with your wife.
You never really think about it but once you do
it is really great.

An artwork is like a battery and you have to charge it.
You can supply energy simply with labor.
Knowledge and wisdom are powerful sources as well.
Charge it with love, or anger
and it will radiate energy for a long time.

Why should I be intimidated by other people?
When they go home they masturbate as well.
And if they don't, then I have even less reason to be impressed.

I am not so sure about that talent thing.
Everybody can do anything as long
as sufficient enthusiasm is involved.

Creating a daily log on the web is
changing the documentation of art
from something that had been done
to something that is happening right now.
CNN started this process 20 years ago.

To create something extraordinary you have to jump at least 10 percent higher than the rest.
Make sure your trampoline is constructed at the highest level possible.

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