Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers
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See like a child.
Research like a scholar,
conceptualize like a madman
and execute like a craftsman.

Principles are borrowed laws
that help you to cover up your own stupidity
and your lack of flexibility.

Great ideas are all born during phases of euphoria since euphoria doesn't allow consideration.

Andy Maluche became so famous
that they decided to name his kids after him.
They are all called Maluche now.

If I would have known that women are people
I would have never touched them.

If I have to be surrounded by idiots
Then those idiots should be at least sensitive, nice, open minded and intelligent idiots.

In order to be sensitive without being boring
you either have to be very intelligent or without shame.

An insult:
And do me a favor.
The next time you fuck your teenage daughter,
wear a condom.
We don't need anymore of your kind running around here.

The parents role is to pave the way for their kids and guide them through life..
The kids' role is to ignore all of it and do it their way.

Years and years of practice just distract from the real issue.

My understanding of moral is being constantly watched by a bunch of old respectable guys and be made accountable by them.
Almost like a religious kind of thing.
Then I wonder who those people actually would be.
I came to the conclusion that they must be older, wiser and a more relax versions of myself.
In that case those guys won't give a fuck about what I was doing. They would just party all day long and I would have to look for a new excuse for not being responsible for my own actions.

Don't give me second hand information.
Go out and create your own original news and then tell me about it.

Many of the world's troubles have their roots in inferiority complexes.
Now if you could develop a drug against low self esteem you might be able to get as rich as the pharmaceuticals, drug dealers and liquor companies.

You can see ambition in the glow of the eyes.

My friend is so geeky,
he can laugh for hours about some funny algorithm.

Can it be that the size of humans was ultimately determined by the size of manageable and useful fire?

English is my second language.
I think, work and dream in English though.
Sometimes I feel in Chinese but I don't want to discuss that.

Don't let your embarrassment be a hindrance.

What you are doing right now is the direct result of a dream and a decision or the lack of it.

I don't have patience for the masses
but I'll listen to the individual.

Boy oh boy, would sparrows be popular if they had red wings, blue bellies and green beaks?

The bullshit margin.
There is a narrow window of bullshit free space where you try to live your life far away from the stuff that disturbs your day.
The difficult part is that it constantly moves and changes size.
Therefore it is very hard to predict and even harder to control.
The only solution is to work on constantly enlarging your bullshit acceptance margin.
If you do it right you will always be able to create and perform right in the middle of a large window far away from any bullshit.
I guess Keith Richards would agree with me on that.

By behaving ridiculously I can keep a lot of bullshitters away from me. It's my spam filter.

I love public pools.
The idea of dipping my face into a pool of chemicals, children's pee and the sweat of old fat people excites me.

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