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History teaches us to be vigilant
But being not vigilant is a sign of youth.
Youth stands for experimentation.

Show and tell is a primary instinct.
It is also very necessary for the development of civilization.
If you discovered something you have to share it.

My daughter came running in my room early in the morning with a mirror in her hand. I had a hangover after only a couple of hours of sleep.
"Daddy, daddy, Donray (her older brother) has hair on his ass. Not on the cheeks but in the middle."

People have no idea how much fun, fun can be.

You are never alone as long as you do stuff.

People get lonely because they develop unsocial habits.

You need to be alert in order to be self-confident.

Every idea or information you absorb becomes part of your foundation from which you can jump to new heights.

Everybody has stress and problems.
But it could be worse.
Imagine if you have a Siamese twin.
You see, there are much worse things in life
than your cute little problems.
Now imagine your Siamese twin brother turns out to be gay and you are not.
It can't really get much worse than that.
Oh yes it can.
For example if you guys shared only one ass.

Life is the sum of all the lucky coincidences
when you didn't get yourself killed.

Somehow I always get into these funny situations
where I believe I am just about to get laid
and then I realize everybody was talking
about something totally different.

Don't complain - suggest

Many times when I thought I discovered some profound truth
I realize that I just found a new way to express an old idea.

If a crazy, brilliant artist with tattoos of his artworks all over his body
tells you that he just spent 3 hours looking at my art and he thinks I am crazy, then I must be doing something right.

Ideas are only crazy as long as they can't be understood within the current framework of knowledge.
Persist on the idea and understanding will follow.
Once there is understanding, realization isn't far.

Hey, small furry creatures can have
complicated sex lives too.

Knowledge is the accumulation of information
Wisdom is the ability to come to conclusions with whatever information is available.

Tradition, religion and principles
protect the individual from having to make decisions.

Someone told me:
You are a typical different man.

As an artist it is my duty
to reach out to the outer boundaries of imagination
and bring back the goodies
for the benefit of mankind.
And what does mankind do?
It wants me to work.

The one sure way to stay young is
to ignore history
and repeat as many mistakes as you can.

A waitres:
The customer is always right
but not all the time.

You have to be very relaxed in order to be creative.
Nature invented stress to protect the world from all those creative ideas people would come up with.

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