Tree Huggin'
German Insects & Flowers
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Most great things in my life happened because I didn't realize the significance at the moment and therefore didn't panic.

I rather hear something that makes me think,
than something that confirms my thoughts.

An asshole is an insensitive person.

Everybody is insensitive at certain times.
Surround yourself with people who are mostly sensitive
most of the time.

Break you habits.

Principles are for guys with strong wives.

The more people you want to address
the lower your common denominator has to be.

I don't know yet who I am
but I am constantly narrowing down the options.

If you have reached your goal
you didn't stake it high enough.

Let's face it,
mankind is pretty fucked up.
But let's not give up because of that.

Talent is desire plus training.

Just because I am shy, it doesn't mean I can't be a great lover

At least I don't fart so much anymore.

If you are ready to innovate
you should be also ready to change fast
if it turns out it’s not working.

"Do you consider yourself as an emotional person?"
"Does a erection count as an emotion?"
"Not really"
"Then probably not."


Give me one good reason, 20 words or less, why I shouldn't fall in love with you right here and now.

Would you consider having sex with me?

I really would like to tell you how beautiful you are and how exciting it would be to make love with you all night long but the problem is that I am too shy to do that.

I can't become an expert in anything.
As soon as I have the slightest understanding of a certain subject I start to fuck around with it and thus create something new.

There is some kind of media whore in all of us. I even buy my own
ladies drinks now and then.

I love those beautiful compliments which never fail to fuel the kiln of
creativity that rages within my slightly disturbed brain.

Good groups can form around a charismatic facilitator and substance.

Religion is believing.
Art is doubting.
As long there is doubt there must be alternatives.
Finding those alternatives is creativity.

If your intention is to photograph a beautiful landscape for the sake of it’s beauty, the result tends to be referred to as craft, just as an oil painting of the same subject would be too.

If you would want to illustrate through a series of pictures the changing light conditions and moods, the result would be more likely regarded as art because you have a concept.

If you project the same picture hundreds of yards across over an ugly cityscape, it certainly would be considered conceptual art.

Three different interpretations for one and the same photograph.

To become an artist is just a decision. It merely means you have a concept for anything you do.

Art is communication and we are living in the Information Exchange Age.
Attention spans get shorter.
Arts and media consolidate way beyond the stereotypical "multimedia".
Every movie is a collage of photography, music, thespian play, design, computer generated surrealism, PR and marketing.
All art projects become large conceptual pieces utilizing a great number of tools of communication to create that one "Gesamtkunstwerk" (after R. Wagner, "the unity of music, action, and the visual" within an opera).
My personal one I call, my all encompassing, slightly ridiculing classifier,
or "The Stick Insect Hunter"
It is my bait, my pheromon trail to capture interesting minds.

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