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There is almost nothing that's not funny.

I wish I knew where I am.
The people around me look familiar but they are behaving strangely.
Wait, let me check my breakfast, ... milk has Chinese characters on, the muesli is from Australia, I must be in Hong Kong.

I decisively choose to not ignore any form of political correctness but rather attack it at it's roots together with it's evil cousins like religious and moral doctrines.
Whenever I catch one I string it up by it's balls and suspend it from a pulley until it laughs.

The age when you are old enough to make your own responsible decisions is always 5 years less than the person you asked, will suggest.

Art is :
the urge to share (also referred to as communication)
concept (as opposed to craftsmanship)
a lifestyle
perfection in any process
a little, metallic green, furry invertebrate with pink circles on it
the ability to see
the ability to recognize.

"Is the concept cliché? If so, is it still art?"
Art kind of implies being something out of the ordinary. The artist should have some emotional or intellectual depth, deeper than everyone else and thus avoiding cliché.
Art is communication and a huge junk of what makes a successful artist is his or her ability to bring the concept to the audience. Through the artwork or through explaining it.

I always say:
Once you finished an artwork, try to find out what it could mean. Somebody might ask. :-)

Only manly men who are not afraid to be in the company of other men can wear woman's underwear.

As an artist, you don't have to decide every second wether you are savouring the moment or if you should document it.
You enjoy documenting.

It is sometimes difficult to get a girl into your bed but it is much more difficult to get her out again.

Most, if not all people don't know what they are doing or what they want to do

Most of the time I know exactly what I want which doesn't mean that I won't welcome an element of surprise.

If you know exactly what you want incorporating the unexpected is much more fun.

I can believe anything as long as it is incredible

I just don't get it.
What do you need a camera in your mobile phone for?
Why don't they, for example work on improving the vibrating function.
Wearing my phone in my front pocket, I can see a much bigger benefit in that. And while we are at it, why not a phone which can give you a really nice blowjob?
Camera, get outta here.

I am a shy extrovert

Science is art without the soul.
If you include soul in science it becomes art.

Most people get boring and bored because they work so hard to create their own little, secure and comfortable environment. They don't venture out and therefore they are not forced to interact. You lose out a lot by not interacting.
It is good to have your little haven as long as you understand that you can't be comfortable all the time.

I am getting lonely. I can't find enough people as fucked up as I am.

I am catering to nobody except me, my closest friends and maybe a bunch of guys like Guy Richie, Frank Zappa and Albert Einstein.

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