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German Insects & Flowers
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People with principles have no fantasy and they are only too lazy to come up with alternatives.
And that is totally against my fantasies.

One click on a mouse can destroy hours of thought,
so don't click, you might say,
and quite right you are.

I write for my amusement.
The idea someone else might read it and be able to enjoy it,
is just a big bonus.
When I write I address a fictional or real friend and with each different addressee my style and humor changes.

The moment when inspiration happens and it provides you with the enthusiasm and energy to create, is a fragile grade to walk on.
A fly can knock you off and so can a breath of wind.

Creativity is
an electrical arc
kept artificially flaming high
with the help of enthusiasm
and a few drugs.

My intellect is doing something with me
or to me.
Something what I don't understand.
I really hate it when it does that.

Political tree planting ceremonies are usually as exciting as watching those trees grow.

Can it get any better?

A large bottle of San Miguel,
a big pizza
one or two beautiful girls in your arms and
Frank Zappa bending the strings like ring-a-ding-ding.


Many large bottles of San Miguel,
a family size pizza,
a lot of beautiful girls in your arms and
Frank Zappa bending the strings like ring-a-ding-ding.

In artist circles you'll find a lot of people afraid of the outside world.
They are hiding in a place where your own style has no competition and most of the time they actually believe nobody can judge them.

Every decision is good.
Avoiding decisions is the problem.

Not any decision is a hundred percent good or bad.
The more time has passed, the more positive will emerge from any decision.

Powerful work arises from the understanding of other people's feelings.
Ignoring those is immature and bears mediocre results.
But you don't have to cater to them either.

I am a screaming minimalist,
getting the highest results with the least effort.

Great art happens within restrictions or limitations, in times of crisis.
It forces you to be creative.

To be able to manipulate people doesn't mean that you have to be bad.
Manipulating people into accepting your ideas which will result in their advantage is different than to trying to get their money.
Teachers manipulate pupils.

The seasons force you to reinvent yourself every three months.
Without them you have to have the resourcefulness to do it by yourself.

How come you're still unhappy even if everything is going your way?
A girl shows you a lot of affection.
How come you're not satisfied with that until you've slept with her?
How come you always measure yourself against things that are out of your reach?

She had beautiful legs.
Especially at the point where they were fusing.
She called me a sweet talker.
So I had to prove my sincerity in my native tongue.

Civilization is based on the concept of avoiding responsibility.
Every deed and decision is justified or sanctioned by a higher authority like god, government and the financial market.
Most people are scared of becoming someone who has to have the strength to rely on his or her own knowledge and support.
They rather toil for someone else than take the responsibility to helm their own destiny.

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