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German Insects & Flowers
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Art is conceptual.
The importance of craftsmanship is deteriorating.
Art moves towards writing.
Art will become computer generated.
Your wall cover, which will be a giant hi-res screen, will constantly change.
The value of art is moving from exclusivity, from being the only one who has it to being the first one to have it.
Like cell phones. First it was a status symbol just to have one. Today everybody has one and you differentiate by having the newest model before your peers get their greedy hands on it.
I get my wall entertainment from Instant-Art.tv, the fastest changing art-network in the world.
It's quite exclusive though.

With every passing moment
with every thought
to the rhythm of soul music
I realized that
becoming an artist
was the damn smartest thing
you did in a long time
and you did some
really smart shit.

According to my nurse it is ok to masturbate a couple of times a day.
It's only when you start buying yourself ladies drinks that might get a little weird.

The new business is not over yet.
It actually just got started.
The pace is accelerating.
Everything is moving towards real time.
You will have to keep up
in order to be able to communicate
But you can erect havens
of tranquility and laughter within the madness.

It has become hard to be
Innovative and cool.
That slice has been taken over by MTV
The circles are getting very short
15 Minutes of fame are reduced to seconds
You'll have to reinvent yourself on a daily basis
And even that's already lame.

With a fast pace the individual value of an artwork diminishes.
But at the same time you can't afford
to compromise on quality.
Soon I have to shift from one artwork a day, to one a minute,
towards constantly evolving art.
At some point computers have to take over because man cannot
produce fast enough to cope with shrinking attention spans.

Why do parents get all warm inside
once their kids feel pity for something?

When you do art,
remember it's about people.
People, people, people
and most importantly about yourself.

If you don't act on your impulses,
you will get Alzheimer's.

If you would ever bring
a pig to the local dance
you probably will never
get laid again in that place.
Then again there are places where you would never find a girl
unless you do bring a pig.

Being sarcastic is arrogantly excluding
certain other people from your world.

The easiest form of art is
to write something to somebody
and publish that to somebody else.

Study subjects twice
in order to get the bigger picture.
First impressions,
freely documented,
will be substantiated
through actual knowledge.

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