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A common mistake people
Still make inside a biker's club
is to shout:
"Which of you are the girls."

Art is the
illustration of
thoughts and concepts
spectacular but not necessarily

What's your motive?
Are you a leader?
A teacher?
A thinker?
A stinker?
How about
I am just trying to amuse myself
and with me other people?
I enjoy making other people laugh.

Does humor belong to art?
Yes because it is me and it is my art.
But be careful, there is nothing funny about humor.
Watch the masters.
Weave drama into it.
Only the contrast makes it strong.
Play ping pong with emotions,
screw with their brains
and then wrap it all up
and give it a cute design.

There is always something better than plain old contrast.

The most beautiful sound in the world is to hear
someone you love, laugh.

A tribe in New Guinea
agreed that there are only three things
worth fighting about:
land and women.
It has been I while I fought over a pig.

"She died in a tragic plane accident,"
I wonder if she would have
felt better if she would have died not that

Not only should you know
your craft inside out,
you should be good enough
to be able to fuck around with it.

The necessity to reinvent yourself periodically
is independent of you being successful
or not.

Excuse justifies
the existence
of rational thinking (???? yeah, Andy sure whatever.
Must have lost something in the translation).

A chat in a bar is still
the easiest and most comfortable way
to acquire information and/or to disseminate it.

There are no mistakes only additional challenges.

Bandwidth will change everything.
We better jump on the bandwidth wagon
and go multimedia.
Better don't because that's exactly what they'd expect.

Most notes aren't worth the e-mails they are written on.
That leaves the question,
what actually is the value of an e-mail?

Imagine all the royalties you could collect if you would have a patent for self gratification.
The problem is, although everybody does it,
nobody wants to admit it.
You would be a victim of copyright piracy just like the recording industry.

I was flattered by all the attention I was getting.
Then I realized everybody was watching a big TV Screen
which was hanging right above me.

Art is doing everything you do consciously.

Some idiot was telling me
that the art thing ceases to be fun
when you have to do it for a living.
Fuck you, you asshole!
You are not taking my fun away.

I asked the waitress for a ball pen and she kind of expected me to write something down.
At that point I didn't know yet what I wanted to write
and I didn't want to look stupid so I wrote this.
Sometimes I write in the bathroom because I am too shy to write in public.

A designer gets his parameter set, an artist sets his own.

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