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German Insects & Flowers
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You, my goddess of beauty and decadence.

Art in motion is redundant.
Art is motion.

Andy, listen, those aren't really girls.

Before we go back in,
we should ask the Foundation to send somebody to check it out.

Here is a piece of advice, son.
That woman is trouble.
Stay away from her.
She is too young and too smart for you.
But if you really think you have to smooch her,
barfine her, buy her a drink and let her hold your hand
while you get a blowjob from a transvestite.

The chef showed me his special of the day.
I asked him if he would recommend it.
He looked at me in bewilderment:
"It is the special"
Ohhh, I get it.
It was pretty good.

When I shoot pool nowadays
I always try to make the most interesting shot
I can think of at that moment.
Always to the limit and many times over.
I miss a lot of shots but the ones I make are beautiful.
In art as opposed to gambling you can raise the stakes as high
as you can imagine because you can't lose.
You slowly learn through your successes and through your failures.
I think I became a much better pool player since I started that.
I am having a lot of fun too.

The masses are like little children.
You can't just feed them what they want
because they don't know their boundaries.
They will not develop if not challenged.
They will stop to learn.
They basically don't give a shit.
When you lose your optimism, dreams and ambition
you will lose the ability to learn.
And learning, exploring is the most beautiful thing there is.
I don't know of any other pleasure than the :
"Oh, now I understand" sensation.
That is what artists and scientists have in common.
There is no pleasure like that except of course pizza, beer and blues.

There were about 50 casualties.
The rest of the victims were all very well dressed.

I guess my sweet German tongue (famous in the female 18 to 26 bracket) deserves to get wetted by the finest ale.

Do it well and it will be ok.

You want character?
I have been carving wood for 12 hours.
My socks have plenty of character.

The best thing about beer is that it feels great when you drink it and it feels great again once you finally get rid of it.

Why being an artist is soooo damned good. Part 435:

You have a gift and you have genuine emotions.
At least when it comes to self pity and envy.
Since you have to think like a child you can't have only selected childish emotions.
You have to take the whole lot.

You can do humor once you have mastered everything else.

A waitress enlightening me about masturbation:
"Because it is alright for a guy (jerking movement with right hand and a duuuhhh kinda expression on her face) but for girls it is yeeewwww! (facial expression as if she would have to eat a toad)."

Don't be afraid to document even your faintest emotions.
Most people don't even have access to those.

The wackier your thoughts,
the wackier your future will get.

Ambition makes you look sexy.

Train on the ugly ones first, son
but watch out for ugly sex-crazed women.

You can be my companion
as long as you can convince me
that I will be introduced through you,
to something totally new.

No thought can possibly be outrageous enough.

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