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Only my own ideas can keep me occupied long enough to be able to complete it properly.

No sane person listens to advice.

Just for the sake of argument, I think it is safe to assume that everybody chooses his or her profession on the basis of their sexual preferences.

Life is what you get away with.

For every conviction there has to be doubt.
Which should be categorically ignored.

On advertising
You can always tell if a note or a letter is only addressed to you or to a lot of people.
The job of an advertising person is to be able to talk to a lot of people and make them feel that you are actually talking to each of them personally.

You will be known for one thing only.
Make sure your all-encompassing, slightly ridiculing classifier
is a good one.
Imagine you do all this art but history will refer to you as the artist with the excessive masturbation habit.

I feel sorry about the press. They would have to report about their own demise, simply because it's newsworthy.

A compliment: In your presence, everyone is entitled to feel undersexed.

Only lazy people are creative.
You need to find alternatives to chores you don't want to do.
That's how you come up with innovation.
A tool or concept which helps you to avoid to work on the real thing.
As long as you believe that there is always an easier solution you are on the right track.
Creativity is life.
But maybe laziness isn't what it's all about.
Maybe it's instinct about not wanting to do the wrong thing.

Large paintings live in at least two dimensions: one close up and one far away. And if you know how to look, (assuming the artist knew what he was doing) you will find plenty more.

Ambition is the feeling of belonging somewhere else or wanting to do something different.

I don't have anything against art.
I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Art is creativity and excellence in any endevor.

The "new territory junky" is addicted to the unexpected.
Predictability is anti-life.
If we could predict the future, we would cease to exist.

Many people sell their ability to communicate instead of selling their ability to create.
You need to know how to communicate in order to sell your creativity.

Veterans are often "past tense".

I hereby solemnly swear that I will not, under any circumstances accept as given, any thought or tradition, however ancient or common.
Innovation challenges all these old ideas.

It doesn't matter if you are wasting years of your life in pursuit of something not meant for you.
The more you fail, the more it paves you the way.
You might end up spending your whole life paving. But hey that's not so bad.
Better than walking the road someone else paved for someone else.
where it is so much harder to change directions.

Comfort is an addiction and basically as useless and dangerous as longing for security.

Most people look for things that confirm their thoughts rather than things that make them think. That's being comfortable. I hereby declare absolute war on comfort. Long live Sparta! That is, without putting myself on a guilt trip over the occasional beer or two.

On discussions:
What we should do, is leave it vague and open and fight about it later.

Chaos leads to improvisation.
Improvisation leads to innovation.
Order is stagnant.

As an artist you should doubt everything, even truth. Don't try to find the truth.
What are you going to do with it once you found it?

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