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I like to ponder long and deep about a certain problem and then ignore it all and base my choice on a spontaneous gut feeling.

It's only fun if you can share it with somebody.

There are two kinds of decorative artists.
The one who paints to fit the curtains and the other ones who make people buy new curtains.

Fun is a very strenuous commitment.

The only difference between being a dreamer and success is a 12 hour workday.

Art is euphoria. Art is the attempt to document a euphoric feeling, to illustrate it for the rest of the world.
A world which doesn't have an easy access to euphoria.
Of course there is a lot of art documenting the artist feeling really miserable and a lot of people can sympathize with that.

On Justice:
Your honor, may I present to you the next evidence which is sponsored by...

Every step out of the ordinary brings you closer to immorality.
I meant to type immortality, but it works both ways.

By recognizing rules, your freedom within the boundaries becomes unlimited.
That's if you want gradual change.

The only thing you must do to prove that your are sane is to produce and grow.

If you became an outcast, it's because you neglected people with new ideas.

Rather than fighting for or against an old idea, I come up with a new one.

Publication is the ultimate PR tool. You are in control of everybody.
Against any common belief PR doesn't stand for pubic relations.

If those things don't get your stuff going, then your stuff doesn't work.

There is no shame
not to have fame
since you must be shameless
to be famous.

For all I care you can fuck a giraffe
as long as you don't hurt it.

It wasn't easy.
But finally I found a doctor who told me that it is ok to have 10 drinks a day.

Doing a story you have to go to each place twice.
First impressions for spontaneity then substantiate the facts.

The only thing more stupid than worry is regret.
There is no way you will ever find out what would have happened if you would have decided differently at one point.

You are stuck on an uninhabited island and all you've got is a box of Kaluha and several cases of beer.
There will come the point that you start mixing the two.
That's creativity.

To be successful in any business you have to be the creator and agent at the same time.
As a creator - agents will use you.
As an agent - you are easily replaceable.

You can assign any reason or depth to a piece of art.
That is also just a decision.
It is a second level of communication.
The ultimate test is how good a salesman you are.

You can't cheat on the amount of effort and experience you put into your work.

Art is the attempt of the artist to find a link to communicate to normal people in the real world.
The art collector is his link on the other side.
He tries to participate without getting his hands dirty.

I guess that qualifies me to refer to myself in the third person from now on.
"Whom are you talking about?"
Him of course.

Most things become fun if you have beer, girls and pizza with it.

He had a hard time communicating as an Indian with a stiff neck.

A cartoon should not only illustrate a story, it should add a little twist, another level to it.

I was sitting next to this guy who told me boring stories.
It turned out that he works for the Red Cross.
So I asked him if he has a band-aid for me.

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